Group Class

Interested in group classes for baby, toddler or preschooler? We are licenced music center for Music Together programs.

Group Classes get students more motivated and involved with their peers in the classroom. Our classes provide a fun and safe environment for students interested in performing in orchestra, band,  jazz or rock'n roll.

Suzuki Academy

Pre Twinkle For Violin And Viola, Weekly 30min Private and 45min Group

Age 5-9yr    Fall 2021

Rock Jazz Ensemble

90min weekly band rehearsal class for students interested in jazz or rock'n roll.

Age 10yr+     Fall 2021

K-2  Intro Class

Young musicians ages 4 -7 will have a hands on introduction to piano and drums as well as the fundamental concepts of making music. A group setting allows to explore these concepts with activities, games, and of course, performing.

Age 4-7yr   Fall 2021

Music Lesson For All Ages

Open 6 days a week, closed on Friday


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